• Please complete the form below to initiate your team's VICIS reconditioning and recertification process. Before returning your ZERO1(s), please remove your mouthguard, chincup, and football visor/shield. If these are sent to VICIS, they will not be returned.

    Please contact your regional sales representative or VICIS customer service at 206.456.6680 if you have any questions. 


  • By checking the box below, you confirm that you would like the same paint colors and finishes applied to the helmet and facemask as what is received by VICIS. 

  • Please make note of any special instructions for you 2018 ZERO1 helmets here. 


A link to print your completed form will be available after submission. Please print this form for your records. A VICIS representative will be sending your reconditioning shipping labels to the email address you have submitted above.

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