• Please fill out the form and select any additional parts and/or services you would like applied to your ZERO1 during the reconditioning process. You will be billed after the inspection has been completed. Return shipping will be included in your reconditioning fee. 

    Standard R2 Service Fee - $75.00

    Services included: Comprehensive inspection performed by a highly-trained VICIS technician, cleaning and sanitizing, replacement of the attachment hardware (facemask & chinstrap), outer shell polishing, repairs covered under warranty, testing and recertification to NOCSAE standards.

    Before returning your ZERO1, please remove your mouthguard and football visor/shield. If these are sent in for reconditioning, they will not be returned.


  • Some helmets may not require repainting and will only need to be buffed and polished. This service is included in your $75 reconditioning fee. However, if you’d like your ZERO1 repainted or it needs to be painted a different color, please select the appropriate box.

  • Repaint Tier 1: Molded Colors (+$12)Repaint Tier 2: Matte, Metallic, and High Gloss Catalog Colors (+$25)Repaint Tier 3: Candy and Pearl Colors (+$35)Repaint Tier 4: Custom Finishes (By Quote, Describe Color Below) 
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  • Dependant on which liners need to be replaced, cost may vary: 

    • Front/Back Liner - $50.00
    • Side Liner - $50.00
    • Ridge Pad - $10.00
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    *If you wish to work directly with Green Gridiron, you may do so.

  • If you choose to replace your facemask, please select your desired style below:

  • Reconditioning and recertification may take up to 6-8 weeks depending on date of receipt. Please indicate below if you need your helmet back sooner and we will try to accommodate your request. You may also use this section to communicate anything else you feel is important for us to know about your helmet.


A link to print your completed form will be available after submission. Please print this form for your records. 

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