Because player safety is critical, we have partnered with the Maxwell Club to recognize the NFL or NCAA equipment manager or athletic trainer who has done the most to advance player safety through innovation.


The Maxwell Football Club was founded in 1935 to promote safety in football, and is the oldest football club in america. Each year, the club presents awards for outstanding accomplishments at all levels of football, from high school to the professional ranks.

2016 Winner



Dana Marquez, equipment manager at Auburn, has been named the first-ever winner of the VICIS Innovation in Safety Award from the Maxwell Football Club.

At Auburn, Dana oversees all aspects of equipment and apparel for the University’s 21 varsity sports. Over the past decade, Dana’s contributions and innovations have substantially improved athlete safety. After seeing a need to improve existing designs, Dana designed an entirely new football shoulder pad called CarbonTek, which was introduced to the market in 2013. In recognition of his thought leadership in player safety and head health, Dana was the first equipment manager to be named to the SEC’s Concussion Committee. In an effort to improve player safety at all levels of the game, Dana conducts helmet-fitting training sessions online and throughout his local community. He even played an instrumental role is returning Safety Zac Etheridge to the field in after what looked to be a career-ending injury. The year following his injury, Zac played 14 games and helped his team win a national championship.


The Inaugural Award WAS awarded 

spring 2016 at the televised Maxwell Club Awards Banquet in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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