Was the ZERO1 involved in the 2018 NFL/NFLPA Helmet Laboratory Testing?


Yes. The VICIS ZERO1 performed better than all other helmets in the 2018 NFL/NFLPA helmet performance testing, receiving the best combined score across all helmet impact locations and velocities. You can learn more here.

What if my team’s color is not available in the ZERO1 configurator?

If your helmet or facemask color is not available in the configurator, please send a photo of the helmet to, and we will contact you with available options to custom match.

Is the helmet safer than other helmets? Will it prevent concussions? 

The ZERO1 has been extensively tested by the leading biomechanics labs in North America and offers better overall performance than any football helmet ever tested under today’s leading protocols, which integrate both linear and rotational forces to determine helmet effectiveness.

There is no scientific consensus around impact thresholds and concussion. The level of impact necessary to sustain a concussion can vary by individual, and many non-impact factors may play a role. While substantial research supports the role of impact force reduction in mitigating concussion risk and severity, neither the ZERO1 nor any other helmet can claim to reduce or eliminate concussions. 

Has the helmet been certified by NOCSAE?  Was it tested at Virginia Tech? 

The VICIS ZERO1 is the Top-Rated helmet for reducing head injury risk according to Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings. The ZERO1 has also been certified by SEI to meet NOCSAE standards, and all future models and iterations will have the same certification.

What is the weight of the helmet? 

The ZERO1 is similar in size and weight to new helmets from the current market leader.  For example, a ZERO1 in size B with one of the most popular facemask styles is about the same weight as a similarly configured Riddell SpeedFlex®.  It’s challenging to provide a specific weight because so much depends on the helmet’s size, facemask configuration, chin strap, and other options.

Will the helmet be available in stores?

The ZERO1 is not available in stores at this time. To inquire about team orders, please use our contact form and a VICIS representative will contact you.

What if my team has questions or wants to order the ZERO1?

Ask your Coach to drop us a line at or call us directly at (844) 842-4701.  We’ll be sure to get in touch with them.

What is the price of the ZERO1?

The ZERO1 costs $950. Team pricing is also available, contact to learn about options. 

Why does the helmet cost more than most traditional helmets?

Our initial goal was to develop the best possible helmet for professional and major college football players. The ZERO1 helmet results from 3+ years of intense development and rigorous testing. Over $20M has been spent to design and build the ZERO1 in order to minimize the severity of head impacts. The production methods and the materials used to maximize performance are quite different than those used in traditional helmets. The ZERO1 is unlike any football helmet ever made.

What if you don’t have my team color available?

If your team color is not yet available, please inform your team of your interest in the ZERO1 – It’s possible they would like to order 10 or more helmets so we can provide a custom color match. We will be adding new colors regularly, so if we don’t have your color, check back and see if it’s available later. 

My team always issues me a helmet – can I just show up with a ZERO1?

That’s a decision for your team. We encourage you to talk to your Coach or team administrator in advance of ordering your ZERO1 to make sure you can wear your own helmet in play.

Usually I give my helmet back to the team at the end of the season to be recertified. What do I do with the ZERO1?

It depends on your team. Some teams will send your ZERO1 to VICIS for recertification on your behalf. Other teams will give the helmet back to you after the season, in which case you will need to send it to VICIS for recertification.  We’ll make it easy for you, though, sending a reminder so you can send your helmet back without hassle.

How often does my ZERO1 helmet need to be reconditioned?

VICIS requires ZERO1 helmets to be reconditioned every two years.

What if my helmet breaks during play? Will my team have the necessary parts to fix it so I can get back in the game?

We will provide spare parts unique to the ZERO1 as part of individual orders. If you need additional spare parts, please call VICIS Customer Support at 206.456.6680

Do you have plans to make lacrosse/hockey/etc. helmets with this same technology?

We have one goal currently, and that’s to make a great football helmet.  After we get the ZERO1 launched and widely available, we will look at other sports where our technology can provide benefit.

How can someone learn more about VICIS?

In addition to visiting our website regularly, they can follow us on all major social media channels; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What was the inspiration for starting VICIS?

Sports-related head injury is an important public health issue affecting athletes of all ages. Today’s helmets resemble those worn in the 1970s, nearly 50 years ago.  They don’t adequately address the problem.  We are driven to better protect young athletes and have developed a 21st century helmet that offers breakthroughs in safety, style, and performance.

What makes VICIS different from other companies that manufacture football helmets?

We’re not approaching this as a sporting goods company.  We’re a sports technology company powered by scientists, neurosurgeons, and engineers.  Our helmet features ideas never before included in football helmets. 

What has been the feedback on your helmet? What are people saying about it?

From the beginning, we’ve conducted a lot of user research, talking with NFL and NCAA equipment managers, athletic trainers, and players.  Feedback has been positive. They like the look of the helmet and are really excited about its safety and performance breakthroughs.

Are you working directly with the NFL to develop your helmet?

The NFL has been very supportive. They’ve provided grant funding through the Head Health Challenge program and have also supported us in other ways. They’ve visited our labs several times and are closely tracking our progress. The NFL is very focused on player safety — Nurturing and supporting breakthrough technology is a big part of that. We’ve also met with the NFLPA, the National Football Foundation, and other important stakeholders.  

What happened to the previous guidance that the ZERO1 be used for players 150 lbs. and above?

Among the many improvements our engineers made to the ZERO1 for the 2018 season was a significant weight reduction. The ZERO1 now weighs the same as (or is lighter than) broadly worn traditional Varsity (high school and above) helmets. We continue to guide that the ZERO1 is not a youth helmet and its use should be limited to high school play and above. However, if a player is not yet in high school but is large enough to fit properly in a Varsity (high school and above) helmet for the 2018 season, the ZERO1 may be an appropriate choice.

Will you sell to a 120 lb. high school freshman? Will you sell to a 150 lb. middle-school player?

If the ZERO1 fits a player properly per manufacturer recommendations, and that player has used or would otherwise use a Varsity (high school and above) helmet from another manufacturer for the 2019 season, the ZERO1 may be an appropriate choice. Proper fit and sizing are essential, and should be considered when deciding if the ZERO1 is a good choice for your player.

My son is 6’0” and weighs 180 lbs. but plays in a youth league. Should he wear the ZERO1 YOUTH or the ZERO1?

Generally, the ZERO1 YOUTH is designed for youth play up through 8th grade and the ZERO1 is designed for high school and above levels of play. The YOUTH model is lighter weight and is optimized to meet the impact forces seen in the youth game. However, individual youth league players who are comparable in size and strength to high school players may wear the ZERO1.

An appropriately-fitted helmet should determine whether a youth player wears a ZERO1 or a ZERO1 YOUTH. A youth league player should not wear the ZERO1 if it does not fit as well, or feel as comfortable, as the YOUTH helmet. Before deciding that a child/player should wear a ZERO1 or ZERO1 YOUTH, check with the player’s league and coach to determine if both helmets are permitted for use.

The ZERO1 YOUTH helmet is not designed for high school and above level play.

How many seasons will the ZERO1 YOUTH last?

The ZERO1 YOUTH has a maximum useful life of 10 years. We expect the ZERO1 YOUTH to be equivalent to traditional youth helmets.

What regulatory standards does the ZERO1 YOUTH comply with?

The ZERO1 YOUTH will be NOCSAE certified and will be evaluated by Virginia Tech once it is commercially available.

In what countries will the ZERO1 YOUTH be offered?

The ZERO1 YOUTH will be available for sale in the USA and Canada.

What is VICIS’ warranty and return policy for the ZERO1 YOUTH?

VICIS warrants the ZERO1 YOUTH helmet for a period of two (2) years from date of shipment. Attachment hardware, jaw pads, and DLTA™ Fit Pods are warranted for a period of one (1) year, not including normal wear and tear. Our return and exchange policy can be found on our website at

What is the VICIS ZERO1 YOUTH reconditioning recommendation?

VICIS recommends the ZERO1 YOUTH be reconditioned a minimum of every two (2) years per NOCSAE standards.

What are the options for facemask styles and colors for the ZERO1 YOUTH?

Initial ZERO1 YOUTH helmet facemask options include the models SO212, SO213E, and SC223. Facemasks will be offered in the colors most commonly worn by youth teams. Custom colors can be produced at an additional charge on orders of 20 or more helmets.

Does the ZERO1 YOUTH have a visor?

The helmet is compatible with Nike, Under Armour, and Oakley ADULT visors. We expect to offer a youth version of our VICIS EDGE Shield by Oakley.

What color options will be available for the ZERO1 YOUTH?

The VICIS ZERO1 YOUTH will be available in a wide range of molded and painted colors. Custom colors will be offered at additional cost, per quote, on orders of 20 or more helmets.

What sizes will the ZERO1 YOUTH come in and what head circumference will it fit?

The VICIS ZERO1 YOUTH accommodates a wide range of head shapes and sizes. Sizes will include Small, Medium and Large, covering head circumferences ranging from 19.5″ – 23.5”

Can I buy the ZERO1 YOUTH in retail stores or other websites?

The ZERO1 YOUTH will not be available in stores or on other websites for the 2018/19 season.

Where can I buy the ZERO1 YOUTH?

Initial orders can be placed online at or through a VICIS Sales Rep after November 1, 2018.

How does the ZERO1 YOUTH perform compared to other youth helmets?

Like the ZERO1, we expect the ZERO1 YOUTH to be the top-rated youth helmet.

How much will the ZERO1 YOUTH cost?

The retail price for individual helmets will be $495. We will have team, club program, and league pricing available for pre-orders beginning November 1, 2018.

When will the helmet be available?

VICIS will begin taking orders November 1, 2018 for delivery prior to the 2019 season.

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